Uss defiant size comparison

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Uss defiant size comparison

The Defiant -class battleshipofficially an escort vesselbegan development in as a small, highly powered, heavily armed warship intended to defend the United Federation of Planets against the Borg. However, the ship had numerous design problems that were made apparent during its shakedown cruise.

These flaws, combined with the decreased urgency of the Borg threat, caused Starfleet to table its plans for a battle fleet and put the Defiant in storage. The Defiant prototype was pulled out of storage in when the Dominion threat emerged.

After several upgrades by Deep Space 9 Operations Chief Miles O'Brienthe ship was deemed worthy of use and more ships of the class were constructed. While Starfleet has participated in wars both in its past and recent times, they had largely fought those battles with the ships they had available. The Defiant -class starship was a heavily armed, limited-role vessel, a warshipthe first Starfleet ever truly designed. It was developed in response to the Borg threat as originally encountered at System J in After initial and hostile first contact with the Borg, Starfleet did what it hadn't done in decades, place greater emphasis on Starfleet's essential role in the defense of the Federation.

Drafting plans for such a defense required a starship s capable of fighting against the Borg. Further verified after the Federation's devastating defeat in the Battle of Wolf in losing 39 ships and 11, personnel to just a single Borg vessel. This disaster proved the Federation was woefully inadequate to sustain a major military or defense campaign with their present fleet. With the knowledge that existing weaponry and defenses would be inadequate to meet this threat, it was recognized that a new type of starship was needed to meet the tactical requirements of facing this superior enemy.

The USS Defiant was the class prototype. It was Starfleet's first dedicated combat vessel, therefore most of the typical luxuries and provisions for families or diplomatic missions were forsaken. Its science labs and recreational facilities were also extremely limited.

The Defiant -class was heavily armored and incorporated the latest in Starfleet weaponry and defensive technology and was equipped with a class-7 warp drive. The Defiant was considerably smaller than most other Federation starships.

uss defiant size comparison

DS9 : " The Search, Part I " Despite the ship's compact size, she was packed to the brim with equipment designed for larger starships. The prototype Defiant performed poorly on its trial runs. The vessel was overpowered and over-gunned for a ship of its size — so much so that the Defiant nearly shook itself apart when the engines were tested at full power.

These design flaws, combined with the decreased urgency of the Borg threat, led Starfleet to abandon the project and put the prototype away in storage. The Dominion threat discovered in led Benjamin Sisko, now the Commander of the space station Deep Space 9to pull the prototype vessel out of storage.

The ship was assigned to his station and it was officially christened that same year on stardate The prototype was then equipped with a Romulan cloaking devicethe only Federation starship to posses such technology as the result of an amendment to the Treaty of Algeron. Defiant dedication plaque ; DS9 : " Shattered Mirror ". Two Defiant s and an Akira -class battle the Romulans.

Starfleet eventually decided to put the Defiant -class into full production. By the end ofthere were a significant number of Defiant -class ships in operation, and over the next two years, they played a vital role in the Dominion War. Inthe USS Defiant was given a chance to do what it had been designed for when it participated in the Battle of Sectorwhere a Federation fleet engaged a single Borg cube on its way to assimilate Earth.

As the cube approached Earth, the Defiantunder the command of Lieutenant Commander Worfwas disabled by a tractor beam strike after having sustained massive battle damage. With the ship's main power and defensive systems offline, Worf prepared to ram it into the Borg cube when the USS Enterprise arrived to assist the tattered Federation fleet. As the Enterprise entered the battle, the Defiant lost life support after sustaining another hit from the Borg tractor beam, and the survivors were transported onboard the Enterprise.

Shortly after the Borg cube was destroyed, Captain Picard noted that the Defiantdespite being adrift, was salvageable.

uss defiant size comparison

Star Trek: First Contact. On this ship, the shield generators were completely reconfigured so that they would not be affected by the Breen 's energy-dampening weapon.

However unlike the original Defiantthis ship was not equipped with a cloaking device. This new Defiant played a distinguished role in the final battle with the Dominion at Cardassia Primeand remained stationed at Deep Space 9 by the end of Knowledge of this class was retained well into the 31st centuryas demonstrated when Captain Jonathan Archer and Lieutenant Malcolm Reed viewed schematics on the class in the 22nd century while accessing the database belonging to temporal agent Daniels.Fans might expect that the design length of m of this widespread Starfleet ship class should be well-established.

Still, there are some reasonable doubts about this figure. Some of the various available facts points to a considerably larger size of the Excelsior. Progressive estimations for the length rise up to almost m. Various pieces of evidence are investigated in the following, taking into account all versions of the starship which can be assumed to have identical general dimensions. Actually three different Excelsiors could be seen on screen, not counting the various kitbashes or study models.

This ship was supposed to be m long so far. The Enterprise-B from "Generations" and the Lakota from DS9: "Paradise Lost" are of the refitted type with hull extensions on either side of the deflector, additional impulse engines, new Bussard collectors and extra fins on the nacelle rear ends. The latter increase the length of this sub-class to about m. All variants are overall m wide and 78m high. Still, other ships from the movie like the Klingon Bird-of-Preythe Oberth class and the Merchantman have quite debatable sizes.

So it may be permissible to question the dimensions of the Excelsior likewise. The overall length of m, however, was consistently transferred to Andrew Probert's size comparison for Star Trek: The Next Generation, indicating that the people in charge of the design never changed their minds about it.

It may be worth mentioning that the Enterprise refit was designed to be exactly ft m long. It is possible that the Excelsior was intended to be exactly 1.

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For what it's worth, the DS9TMwhich unfortunately is among the most-quoted size references for the Excelsior class, gives us a length of Even though this increased size seems to be convenient as it may help to alleviate a few problems, it is nothing more than a calculation error.

Hence, the dimensions of most smaller ships increased. This is why I discard the There are hardly enough window rows in the engineering hull to allow an extraction of decks. Only in the saucer perimeter we can clearly make out two window rows and hence two decks. Actually, this part of the ship is quite reminiscent of the Constitution refit. It seems that during the design process of the NX, after a temporary deviation leading to radically different designsthe designer Bill George returned to the saucer structure known from the Constitution class.

For the comparison of the Excelsior with the Enterprise refit I have intentionally used orthographic photos of the two studio models note on both ships the openings for the motion-control mountin order to avoid inaccuracies because of faulty drawings or renderings. If we compare the two saucer rims at m for the Excelsior Constitution refit: mwe can see that only two low decks would fit into the Excelsior rim with its height of 6m Constitution refit: 6.

The overall 3m for one deck would have to include the outer hull and possible Jefferies tubes. Their windows would be located rather close to the floor on the upper deck and close to the ceiling on the lower deck. This doesn't seem to make much sense, and we can only suppose that these details were worked out after the overall length had already been determined to be m.

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Most obviously the registry was changed from "NX" to "NCC", indicating that the starship was no longer experimental which is often interpreted in a way that the transwarp experiment failed, but this is just speculation. Aside from that there were detail changes as well. To start with, we can see that the rounded hull segment facing forward on the aft shuttlebay was replaced with an angular piece that is much more detailed and that looks like it has three decks.

Also, the detail customarily known as impulse deflection crystal in fandom was removed and two smaller domes were added to the model instead of it. Clearly these detail modifications may be taken as signs of a now larger size of the ship. The most significant alteration was done to the bridge. The original Excelsior NX already had a relatively small bridge dome, in any case not as big than its counterpart on the Enterprise refit.

On the Excelsior NCC this bridge dome was replaced with a still smaller somewhat angular module. This new module looks like it is less than one deck tall, much too low for a bridge module which usually measures considerably more than a standard deck height.

We could hypothesize that the bridge module is partially submerged into the hull though an explanation that would also work with the Oberth class where we are facing essentially the same dilemma.Discussion in ' Star Trek: Voyager ' started by kgartmJun 8, Log in or Sign up. The Trek BBS. Which ship would win in a battle?

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Poll closed Mar 4, Joined: Jan 7, Location: On the run. I'd have voted differently if it were the thread title only, but the Enterprise E would wipe the floor with the other two. ToskJun 8, Joined: Jan 7, I agree.

USS FireflyJun 8, Joined: Mar 8, Location: Great Britain.

Defiant Problems

Well I know which ship wouldn't win. Though as this crosses three shows, shouldn't it be in General Trek? MacLeodJun 8, Joined: May 7, Location: Avon. AvonJun 8, Joined: Feb 26, Location: Captain Kathryn.

I think all three were great ships with Captains who loved them. Captain KathrynJun 9, Joined: Nov 19, Location: Planet Carcazed. Worf is first officer of the Defiant and every time we see the E onscreen he is at tactical, so there is no way he could be in two places at once. Unless there's some sort of anomaly, probably caused by Voyager. Since Voyager usually comes out on top when there's some weird anomaly, I'm giving this one to James Tiberius Freaking Kirk.There are 17 active users currently online.

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Defiant NX - Aft View. Defiant NX - Multiple Views. Botany Bay DY - Cover. Bird of Prey - Dorsal View. Bird of Prey - Port View. Bird of Prey - Ventral View. Bird of Prey - Fore View. Bird of Prey - Aft View. Bird of Prey - Wing Configurations.

Bird of Prey - Bridge Plan. K'Tinga Class - Dorsal View. K'Tinga Class - Port View. K'Tinga Class - Ventral View. K'Tinga Class - Fore View. K'Tinga Class - Aft View. Vor'Cha Class - Dorsal View. Vor'Cha Class - Port View. Vor'Cha Class - Ventral View. Vor'Cha Class - Fore View.Log in or Sign up. The Trek BBS. Enterprise-D vs. Joined: Jul 9, Location: Being congratulated on the bridge of the Enterpris. Both believe the other needs to be destroyed for some strange reason.

Communication with Starfleet is impossible. The Enterprise-D has onboard Reginald Barclay after his intelligence was fully enhanced by the Cytherians.

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The Voyager has the 29th century Borg onboard. Each ship has their normal complement, but the aformentioned individuals are the acting captains for this scenario. Also, calling upon allies is not possible, and this is the 4th season version for both ships.

Who wins this battle? Last edited: Sep 28, Captain McBainSep 27, Joined: Jun 15, Location: Shangri-La. This is the case of a battleship vs a destroyer pretty much. The E-D wins easily StarSep 27, Voyager has more firepower than the Enterprise, though, correct?

Captain McBainSep 28, Joined: Mar 30, Location: Austin. I'd say the Enterprise, since Barclay was able to do things far beyond what the drone could do. FinnSep 28, Joined: May 13, Location: Parts Unknown. In a Star Trek battle between two ships, one named Enterprise, the other not, the Enterprise will almost always win DelsaberSep 28, StarSep 28, Joined: Aug 20, Location: T'Girl.

uss defiant size comparison

If pound for pound and ton for ton, both ship's were equal then the Enterprise wins. The Enterprise simply brings more of everything to a fight. Let's say that in the opening moment of the battle both ship's lose a people, the Voyager now has no crew and is lifeless, the Enterprise has another people for a victory party.

It's like a well muscled 6 year old taking on a 20 year old prize fighter. T'GirlSep 28, Joined: Dec 2, Location: Derry, Maine. DreamSep 28, I think those were from fan productionsThis was the prototype of the class and the second Federation ship known to bear the name Defiant.

Development on the Defiant began around in response to the Borg threat to the Federation. After initial and hostile first contact with the Borg, Starfleet did what it hadn't done in decades, place greater emphasis on Starfleet's essential role in the defense of the Federation.

Drafting plans for such a defense required a starship capable of fighting against the Borg. The Federation's devastating defeat in the Battle of Wolfresulting in the loss of nearly 40 ships and 11, personnel to a single Borg vessel, proved that the Federation's defenses were horribly inadequate, and plans were spearheaded for the production of a more combat capable starship.

Officially classified as an escort vesselthe Defiant was nothing less than Starfleet's first design of a warship intended to combat the Borg.

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The vessel featured minimal equipment for scientific research and was not designed to accommodate families. The Defiant did not perform well in its initial trial runs. The vessel was overpowered and over-gunned for a ship of its size — so much so that the Defiant nearly shook itself apart when the engines were tested at full power. Ultimately, these design flaws, combined with the Borg threat becoming less urgent, led Starfleet to the decision to abandon the project and place the prototype in storage.

After the USS Odyssey was destroyed in lateCommander Benjamin Siskowho served on the team that designed the Defiantrequested that the vessel be pulled out of storage and assigned to Deep Space 9 to counter a new threat of the Dominion. The vessel was officially launched inon stardate Arriving in earlythe Defiant 's first assignment was to attempt to convince the Founders of the Dominion that the Federation posed no threat to them.

After a special amendment was made to the Treaty of Algeronthe Romulan Star Empire provided Sub-commander T'Rul and one of their cloaking devices to aid in its mission — in exchange for any intelligence gained on the Dominion. The mission did not go well for the DS9 crew.

During a resulting battle, the vessel was boarded, and the senior officers were captured and placed into a simulation to test how Starfleet might react to the Dominion attempting to gain a foothold in the Alpha Quadrant.

DS9's chief of operationsMiles O'Brienspent two weeks overhauling the Defiant 's structural integrity field to overcome the ship's design flaws. DS9 : " Shattered Mirror ".

uss defiant size comparison

Several weeks later, the Defiant transported Lieutenant Jadzia Dax to the Trill homeworld to receive medical treatment. DS9 : " Equilibrium ". To ensure the Cardassians did not identify the ship, the vessel's shield harmonics were reconfigured to make the Defiant appear to be a Kobheerian freighter. DS9 : " Second Skin ".

The Defiant made contact with the planet Meridian during an exploration mission in the Gamma Quadrant. Despite its reportedly limited facilities for scientific analysis, the ship was able to work with the inhabitants of Meridian to analyze the nature of the unusual effect that caused the planet to shift between dimensions and devise a means of stabilizing the effect, with the result that Meridian's next manifestation on the corporeal plane would last for thirty years where it had currently only manifested for twelve days.

DS9 : " Meridian ". Later inMaquis operative Thomas Riker hijacked the Defiant and used it to attack several Cardassian targets. Commander Sisko was forced to travel to Cardassia Prime with Gul Dukat to help track down the vessel. Although Dukat initially wanted to destroy the Defianthe agreed to release the vessel and the Maquis crew to Starfleet custody in exchange for the Defiant 's scans of the Orias system and Riker himself. After facing overwhelming opposition from Obsidian Order forces deployed from the Orias system, Riker ultimately surrendered and the Defiant was returned to DS9.

DS9 : " Defiant ". Later the same year, the Defiant visited Earthwhere the vessel's senior staff was to attend the Annual Starfleet Symposium on the current situation in the Gamma Quadrant. The ship was briefly caught in a temporal anomaly when chroniton particles trapped in the cloak caused some of the crew to travel back in time, unwittingly changing key events in history that erased the existence of the Federation, but the same particles kept the Defiant in existence long enough for the missing crew to be recovered and history restored.

Several weeks later, the Defiant was used to carry out a joint project between the governments of the Federation, Cardassia, and Bajorto establish communications between the Alpha and Gamma Quadrants.

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DS9 : " Destiny ".It is hard to believe and hard to accept that there are no reliable technical specs on the Defiant, unquestionably one of the most popular starships in the Star Trek Universe. Not even the ship's size is certain. Depending on what is taken as a reference, its length seems to vary between less than 50m and close to m.

Since the DS9 Technical Manual with seemingly accurate deck layouts was released inthe confusion is complete, for the plans conflict with the numerical size figures in the same book.

The Defiant class was originally conceived as a response to the Borg menace. The development of the starship started injust after the disastrous Battle of Wolf An existing spaceframe design with conventional saucer-engineering-nacelle arrangement was the starting point of the Defiant design. This Defiant pathfinder was never built, but the design was modified and eventually used for the Nova classa planetary research vessel.

The Defiant design itself was dramatically altered after it had been decided to compact the ship's structure, abandoning the traditional saucer-engineering hull arrangement and pulling the nacelles directly to the hull.

In the USS Defiant was in her final year of spaceworthiness testing when she was assigned to Deep Space 9 to defend the station against the Dominion. The ship featured a Romulan cloaking device whose use was explicitly restricted to the hostile Gamma Quadrant. While experiences were still being gathered with the prototype vessel, further ships of the Defiant class were built and fought against the Dominion.

In the real world, the artist Jim Martin began work on the Defiant at the end of the second season of DS9. The reasons for giving DS9 a resident starship may have been that the first two seasons were somewhat "immobile"; actually most of the early episodes look rather boring in retrospective. The small runabouts assigned to the station obviously didn't have the potential to render space travel interesting enough, but were merely used to convey personnel from one place to another.

The Dominion storyline was a fine opportunity to change this. Martin's first drafts for the still nameless new ship show designs derived from the Danube class runabouts. The intention behind that was to use the existing interior sets of the runabouts for the new starship too.

Martin: "I started with the cockpit windows, and worked my way out The runabout idea, however, was abandoned later. This was obviously a good idea, for the preliminary designs were arguably not large enough to provide more attractive story opportunities than the already available runabouts. One more reason for a larger ship and larger ship sets was the "difficulties when it came to filming multi-character scenes and action sequences".

A fully-fledged starship called "USS Valiant" was to be developed now.


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